The press and the President are actually helping pro gun forces this week. You see, they all have been busy trying to spin the terror incident in California as “workplace violence” instead of the terrorist act that everyone knows it to be.  Even the people who are trying to sell this as a workplace shooting don’t believe what they are peddling.

Last month, in the week after the Paris shootings, the sales of guns set a new record. For the sixth month in a row. Each month sees a new all time high in gun sales. Americans are arming themselves like never before. In fact, Americans have bought nearly 20 million firearms so far this year, and I am predicting that December will see even more sales than the previous six record setting months. My prediction is that the year will end with over 22 million NICS checks.

Why? Because EVERYONE senses the problems that are coming, and this ISIS terrorist attack is going to accelerate the trend.

So how does this add up to the press doing us a favor? Because even people who are uninformed on the issue are beginning to see the light. Gun free zones are a lie. Gun laws don’t protect you. They are scared, and they aren’t buying into the anti gun rhetoric any more.

The emperor has no clothes, and everyone is beginning to see.

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