This woman is “raising free range kids,” meaning that she allows them to do anything they want: Shave their heads, eat nothing but ice cream, or simply refuse to go to school. Literally no rules. That isn’t raising kids, that isn’t being a parent. This woman is a “stay at home” mom- meaning that she has no job. The father of her children is her “domestic partner” and earns a living “reselling” (Meaning on Ebay). On other words, they are collecting welfare, which is why they aren’t married. (Single moms get more money).

What this is, is breeding children so that you can collect more welfare money. Hey, I am OK with raising kids like this, as long as you AND your kids are not eligible to vote or to collect any public money in the form of handouts. Why? Because being a part of a society means having to contribute to that society, not be a free range leech.

The second article is the New York law that is coming. It prohibits landlords from performing a criminal background check on prospective tenants. This increases potential liability and risk for landlords, which increases costs. Those increased costs will be passed on to everyone. Congratulations, you get a criminal for a next door neighbor, AND your rent is going up. Again.


The Music's Over · November 27, 2022 at 8:32 pm

Remember the Mittens Romney 47% quote, it is even worse now.
No revolt with mommygov provided telescreens and EBT cards.
A sibling who loves muh weed and video games is having a problem with unruly spawn and I just walk away before doing something regrettable.

Michael · November 27, 2022 at 9:28 pm

But, But, But It’s RAYCYST and shit to do a criminal background or even a credit check on potential tenants.

Was it Lenin that said for communism to succeed you had to destroy property ownership?

What a nice end-run play as described by NY Post.

Who wants to be a Landlord anymore with all the “Equity” and such rules forcing you to rent to anyone and then disallow you to evict them as it’s Racist and shit.

Are we on Death ground yet? Or are we waiting for a few more bubbles in this cook pot were sharing?

Elrod · November 28, 2022 at 6:14 pm

DM – what are the property owner’s options here? They could sell, making it someone else’s problem, but real estate is depressed at the moment and probably getting worse, plus who would want to buy into those problems?

Or, they could jack up the rent to the absolute maximum the market would bear to pre-plan for damage repair, and maybe a bit more, which could mean “no rental income at all” if the new rate is unaffordable.

I don’t know NY law, but if Claude Criminal is renting and gets busted for certain crimes, is property seizure by the NY Gestapo one of the possible outcomes? How does a property owner protect himself from that?

It looks like total destruction of the rental inventory is the desired result. But to what end?

    Divemedic · November 29, 2022 at 7:23 am

    I dont really know enough about NY law to say. This is why I don’t own or spend much time in blue controlled areas.

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