A man plays a carnival game trying to win an X box. He keeps losing, so he keeps going double or nothing, and spends his life savings- $2,600 trying to win the $300 game. All he won was a stuffed banana with dreadlocks. He calls the police and attempts to use them to get a refund.

– Why would you keep playing, when you keep losing?
– Why would you keep your life savings on you?
– Suing? Because you lost a game of chance? Vegas is gonna be in trouble.
– The police shut the game down? Under what authority?

PT Barnum was right…

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Anonymous · May 31, 2013 at 12:52 pm

As to question number two, he had a small amount of money on him to begin with, after he lost that he went back home to retrieve his "life savings" to continue trying to win the console. Why he didn't just take $300 out of the $2,600 and go buy an Xbox is beyond me. As far as suing, I seriously doubt there are grounds in this case for a suit, but seeing as how we are the most litigious society on the planet, he'll probably get his suit and he'll probably win.

And for the police shutting the game down, if the barker advertised certain prizes could be won by performing a specific task, then made that task impossible to perform (rigging the game) they could close it on the grounds of false advertising at the very least.

I still think this dumbass should take his lumps and consider this a lesson learned.

Wayne Conrad · May 31, 2013 at 3:24 pm

DM, You left out:

– A crooked carnival game? Seriously?

I got a valuable and early eduction about carnival games as a boy, playing the "shoot the water pistol into the clown's mouth to pop the balloon game." After a number of failed tries where I noticed that kids who weren't hitting the target at _all_ were winning, I hoisted myself up on the counter to look around. What did I see, but a row of foot pedals, one for each water pistol, and the carnie's foot sitting on the pedal in front of the kid who was winning?

Crooked carnival games? Say it isn't so!

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