Animals will also flee to avoid other animals that are higher in the
food chain. As long as prey remains plentiful, the predators will not
give chase; they will focus on the prey that remains, what with it being
easier to catch and all. Organisms tend to overpopulate: as long as food is plentiful, they will breed and multiply until they use up local resources to the point where it is more effective to migrate to an area where food is more plentiful than it is to forage locally for more food. At that point, the original locale is used up, food is hard to find, and the prey expands the hunting grounds.

This is happening nationwide in the terms of economics. The parasites of society have made it so difficult to live in places where taxes are high and socialist policies abound, that many people with money began to flee those places for states with low tax burdens: Leaving New York for Florida, Tennessee, and leaving California for Colorado, etc. This is not a secret: here in Florida, all we hear is an endless parade of New Yorkers telling us dumb southern inbreeders how we should be doing things, and how that isn’t how you do things in New York. Fleeing the high cost of living in New York that is caused by high taxes, New Yorkers flood Florida with large amounts of cash from selling overpriced homes and collecting high pensions from lucrative government jobs, so that they can use the cash to pay too much for coastal homes.

As a result, the coast of Florida, especially around Miami, has made a steady march towards liberalism. As soon as they get here, those folks who fled New York do their best to make their new home just like the last, never seeing that their policies are the exact reason why their old home required fleeing. So as a result, Colorado gets new gun laws. Florida residents fight new gun laws. The infection spreads.

As people flee Europe and its financial meltdown, the same thing will happen on a global scale. The world will slide further down the road to collapse. Why? It is easier to move to new hunting grounds than it is to stay and fight. Once you get there to those new territories, it is easier to vote for government benefits than it is to work for your money.

Here in America, we have passed the tipping point: There are more people on the government dole than there are working and paying the bills. There is no longer an escape. The slide towards financial collapse has begun. Once the powers that be see this, they will try to avoid the anarchy that happens when the free money machine stops, and there will be a massive crackdown.

It is mathematically certain.

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Bob S. · March 26, 2013 at 6:15 pm

I agree that it is certain. What I don't know is a.) how long until the collapse and b.) how violent the collapse will be.

I worry that my children will see the end; it is a night that I might see the end.

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