People didn’t get their way under the rules of the legislative body, so they joined protestors on the floor of the chambers and began shouting with bullhorns. This prevented the legislature from being able to carry out its job. We were told that this was an insurrection, and was thus treason. It is a threat to Democracy, they claim.

Only this wasn’t DC, it was Tennessee. The perpetrators were Democrats. The Republicans have grown a spine and are voting to remove the offenders from the Tennessee legislature. Now the Democrats are angry that they are being held to their own standards.

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Jonesy · April 5, 2023 at 8:51 am

Democrats are such whiners…they think they can do whatever they want to get their way. They get cover from the media of course, which has helped them be successful in alot of instances. Im glad some Republicans have stood up and are holding them accountable. We need this to happen everywhere. Don’t worry about what the TV will say about you, it’s time to start fighting back.

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