I need some advice on purchasing a shot timer. I have specific needs, so I am looking for help.

I used to compete in IDPA. I stopped because it was too artificial and too much of a game. I just wanted to shoot in a dynamic environment to improve my skills. I have a shot timer that I once used to practice, but it is not working for what I need.

I shoot at an indoor range that has 4 shooting rooms with 10 lanes each: 2 rooms that are 15 yards long, a 25 yard room, and a 100 yard room that is approved for all calibers up to .50BMG. They also have a virtual range that allows you to run shoot/no shoot scenarios.

I am busy relearning how to handle pistols, because I am learning to use a microdot sight. Yesterday I went to my weekly range session and shot my M&P9c with the microdot with the intention of eventually making it my EDC, once I can get faster. My speed for a 15 shot string seems good, and I was able to put 15 rapid shots inside of the 9 ring of a B29 from 15 yards. I just don’t know how fast I was, because my timer keeps picking up the shots of shooters in adjacent lanes.

I have been dry firing it for weeks, trying to improve the speed of my draw and presentation. I am using a dryfire mag, which allows me to dry fire without racking the slide.

Here is where the advice comes in:
The timer I want MUST be able to track MY shots and not the ones from adjacent lanes.
It would be nice if it could also track my time of my draw.

Any ideas?

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Ratus · January 19, 2020 at 8:03 pm

Instead of a normal shot timer, you might want to look at the MantisX.

It attaches to the pic rail on your pistol and uses an phone app to keep track of your progress.

There are a bunch of videos on YouTube by John Correia of Active Self Protection.

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