Up until now, I have only owned two revolvers. One was an old RG revolver in .22LR that I traded my mother for. She actually thought it was a good home defense gun, and I traded with her so she could get a better one. I got rid of it a year later for a $100 gift card in a gun buyback. That was a good deal, since the thing was a piece of crap when it was new.

The second was my model 642 j frame Smith and Wesson. When I bought it, I discussed it with Marko, who afterwards actually wrote a blog post about it entitled “Carrying the mighty J frame,” but that was on the old Munchkin Wrangler blog which has since gone defunct.

During the lockdown, I rewatched all of the old “Dirty Harry” movies. Suddenly, I wanted a revolver, because reasons. I was at the LGS the other day and saw a model 686 in .357 magnum for a pretty good price, so I bought it. Now I am looking for recommendations for holsters to fit it. My normal leather guys don’t have what I am looking for. So, I would appreciate anyone who is familiar with custom leather makers: help me out here.

*** EDITED TO ADD: The shopping spree for ammo and a new gun were for shopping therapy. It always makes me happy to buy new toys, whether that be guns, radios, electronics, or other neat gadgets. I add this so some idiot doesn’t try to red flag me for saying that I have had enough so I went ammo shopping. ***

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joel · May 16, 2020 at 6:36 pm

You didn't mention anything about the preferred method of carry, IWB/OWB, cant, retention, etc.
That said, here's a recent positive review from Revolverguy; if the style of this example isn't to your liking, it should still serve as an example of his methodology.


Divemedic · May 16, 2020 at 11:22 pm

That's funny. I have quite a few of his holsters. He does good work. I like the McDaniel II, but it does have one flaw: Only one strap wraps around your belt.

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