A man in St Louis saw a group of firefighters eating at an Applebees. After 40 minutes of watching them, went outside to his car and then returned. On his way in, he bumped into waitress and said, “Things are about to get real up in here.” The then opened fire at the booth, firing three shots that struck two people in the next booth and injured one of the firefighters, Arlydia Bufford. One of the two bystanders was killed, the other in serious condition.

Three shots in a crowded restaurant from a distance of , three hits- but two of the hits were from less than 5 paces.

At any rate, conditions are deteriorating.

For that reason, this is sound advice:

1 Avoid black neighborhoods or neighborhoods where black people congregate (even if you yourself are black)
2 Beware of your surroundings & don’t sit with your back to the door
3 Avoid crowds and protests
4 Get a permit and carry a firearm
5 If things don’t look right, leave
6 Keep your doors locked
7 Have a dash cam
8 If ‘protesters’ try to surround or stop your car, pull forward slowly while honking horn
9 If they try to enter or physically attack your car, floor it
10 If they break a window, attack you, or attack your family, defend yourself

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Don Curton · June 25, 2020 at 1:49 pm

used to be a thing, way back, young adults who were turning their lives around would wait at convenience stores. After you parked, they would pull up right behind your car, effectively blocking you in. At which point they basically could do anything. As i told my wife at the time, throw it in reverse and floor it. They may still get you, but there should be two totalled cars in that parking lot before they do.

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