So the Republicans are planning on having either Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney run for President. They will never learn. You might as well get used to hearing about President Clinton again. President Obama, the narcissist,  has given Bush his permission to run, at least.

If you run Huckabee Bush or Romney in the 2012 2016 election, you are not getting
my vote. I am through with voting for the same old crap simply because
that person will take away my liberty at a slightly slower rate than the
other guy. I am also tired of seeing the same old, tired candidates in every election.

Many people keep saying that I am throwing my vote away unless I vote for the R candidate, because a third party candidate can’t win. I have news for you, telling me to vote for a douchebag that can’t win, simply because he has been anointed by the Republican party establishment doesn’t mean that he can win, only that he has bowed down to the big money in charge of the R party.

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