Remember the video from a few days ago, where what appears to be a woman is yelling about being arrested in Portland?

It turns out that this “woman” is actually a man who claims to be a woman. According to his bio, Dr. Juniper L. Simonis is a Data Analyst in the Weecology Labat the University of Florida. He has a PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and makes a living using mathematics to study living things. How in the world can a person who doesn’t even understand boys versus girls be a so-called “expert” on biology? This is why people don’t believe “experts” any more.

On a side note, he is also a two time world champion athlete who became a world champion by being a man who beats up girls.

This is insanity.

For years, I have used the following to illustrate the insanity of the transgender position:

Let’s say that I believe myself to be a gorilla. No matter how strongly I believe it, I am still not a gorilla.
Let’s say that I take pills to make myself grow more hair to look more like a gorilla. I am still not a gorilla.
If I hire a surgeon to perform an operation to make myself look more like a gorilla, I am still not a gorilla.
If I get a million people to say that I can be whatever I identify myself as, and declare than I am a gorilla, I am still not a gorilla.
If I were to believe myself to be a gorilla and took the steps above, people would say I am crazy.

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