Nebraska has a problem with its citizens legally buying marijuana in Colorado and illegally bringing it into Nebraska. What is Nebraska to do? Sue Colorado for the behavior of Nebraska’s citizens so you can prevent all of the people who aren’t breaking the law, of course.

This is the same logic we see applied to gun laws: one group of nanny staters doesn’t like what someone is doing, so we pass laws and assign blame on everyone, and not just the lawbreakers.

 and before you begin quoting Federal law to me, show me the part of
the Constitution that grants the Federal government the power to
restrict the production and sale of a product wholly within the borders
of a single state. Yes, the people smuggling are involved in interstate commerce, but that does not mean that Colorado has to stop EVERYONE from selling and buying marijuana, it means that the people who are smuggling can be prosecuted.

The concept of controlling everything using interstate commerce as the excuse didn’t begin until 1942, when a case titled Wickard v. Filburn went to the Supreme Court, and the court essentially held that everything affects interstate commerce, thus everything can be regulated by Federal law.

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