when you answer the door. Two men, backed up by three others, posed as utility workers and knocked on a man’s door Saturday night.

Do that at my house and see what happens. FAFO

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joe · September 16, 2021 at 2:39 pm

normally have one within reach… I’ve answered my door more than once with a gun behind my back… and in my experience, 90% if these are “deals”… home owner is drug dealer, owes someone money, is known to have large quantities of money, etc … true home invasions are rare… to many busy neighbors in the world

    Jonathan · September 17, 2021 at 7:56 am

    Agreed. I’ve read that over 80% have a “history” with the occupant. I suspect most of the rest know about valuables on the property…
    Where in St Pete did he live? I bet it wasn’t a nice area and also wasn’t rural.

T Town · September 16, 2021 at 4:26 pm

When seconds count, the police are only minutes away…

When the men left that night, Steve immediately called the St. Petersburg Police Department.
The police department confirms that officers arrived within nine minutes.

Don't Tread · September 16, 2021 at 5:14 pm

Opened up the last box of Gold Dot +P+ in case it gets too spicy.
Just loading a Clinton mag (10 rounds) for now and will go off safety if need be.
Trust no one in Chiquitastan and check your six with situational awareness always active.
Act like a doormat and you will get stepped on.

Dov Sar · September 16, 2021 at 5:24 pm

I was living in an a apartment in Corpus Christi Tx. back in the 80’s, and in the middle of the night a woman banged on my door begging for help. I looked through the peep hole and only saw one small woman. I opened the door, pointed my gun at her and asked if I could help her. As I opened the door, I saw two men, braced up against the wall on either side of the door outside of the view of the peephole. She said, “we have the wrong apartment.” I said, “I guess you do.” That was that.

why · September 16, 2021 at 6:40 pm

Its also why they make cameras.

I can see who’s at my front door as well as one the entrance and sidewalk.

The door is merely there to buy me time….I try to use it wisely

spiffy · September 17, 2021 at 12:57 am

OY– I SAW THIS Electric Solicit SCENE couple months ago! Will relate…

Yes Dude is bit rattled by not being home when his wife not digging the unusual solicitation, but I think it’s not the big bad as portrayed?
I Concur– the main takeaway- YES DO be aware of situation!…
Super Glad it was not a bad scene!

I will go long- but quick as can, so am not going into my decisioning process etc…

I am in NW IL~ 3500popu town farming region but industrial jobs are equal scene… Com Ed is local generator but Co-ops for electric & gas are common too…
Couple Months back, LATE afternoon 4ish… LEO knocking style at front door wakes me from nap. (I did a 3rd shift = sleepy day)… Then knocking side door….. Im all WTF Who Why GRRR??
I spy …. NOT My local LEO ( & I am familiar/approve my town’s guys)
A solo… early 20’s guy in NEW safety vest,…
I yank door open with firm ” WHAT!”…. He’s bit tatty ink and clothes don’t quite jive for UtilitiesWorker apparel, though carrying an ‘xtreme duty work tablet’ says he’s doing Com Ed survey or something and wanting to “see my meter”…
NOW I been in Industrial construction/fab/mining etc… I’m 2x his age- and confident I already know something is goofey cause appearance is not spot on and see more nope than ok. I have friends work these jobs. He don’t match.
Tablet has nice image of what my Com Ed Billing Sheet looks like on tablet… He’s blah blah something about billing and program and access meter and permission…..I’m not really listening exactly as I’m zeroing in on incongruity…
I cut him off with “WHERE”S YOUR ID! Show me NOW!” “YOU will show me your ID, NOW!” He’s kinda Durrr???
Starts to say something not on that reply topic and I cut in again and repeat demand.
He then clearly says, ” I don’t have it/one.” I Say WHAT!? WHERE IS IT!? NOW!
He replys, “in my truck…” I push right past him- (closing door behind) march down side of house to street view (NO Truck!)- I am now between him and street, WHERE IS TRUCK!? He says down the block, I say “NOPE not in the 3 blocks I can view!”
I command him- “YOU go get your ID and bring it back here” (I know- Whatever dick!) (Yah- I’m being dick/dork making demands~ but clearly he’s in retreat… OODA baby) I figure if honest- will return!
Sketchy? Message delivered!
I’m Thinking they are running some scam maybe looking for bluetooth/wifi etc access to smart meters (or whatever) to hack for profit.
I am not sharp on THAT shit, but there is installed smart meter on my electric.
I have NO bluetooth or wifi enabled anything… NO modern appliances, etc… I’m probably FINE… I also know shit is hackable without my assist, so I’m not happy!
My elderly neighbors~ maybe not be as quick to fox him first… Or maybe he doesn’t need anyone at door even – I have no clue but I’m rather pissed.
Fun long story COULD continue, but enough drama train…
Quicker finish…
I have Utilities on phone menu cause useful… Immediate call gets the story- NO COMED in my area, no meter review, etc etc (Just like in video ;)-
Gal at city hall payment desk is old friend, I speeddial her, she relays to LEO across the hall (Small town right?!). I tell em I will stall- hurry up!
So it is
TWO guys, working each side of street.
IMHO–It’s the NEW version of the old Magazine Subscription Game. #2 guy is bit older, also tatty, shiny vest tho, but He has a “MyCity Solicitation Permit”… He DOES hang out to chat, while #1 goes to retrieve Truck couple blocks over (Btw-its an old minivan)…
Other neighbor’s Daughter was visiting her mom, she has training/ security job, joins me to discuss the “Utility Promotion” these 2 are doing door to door…
Sorry long here, but they are part of ‘group’ going town to town, looking to sign up ppl to different “middle man” electric supply seller.
Actually was interesting to ask/discuss “HIS employer” and “What is HIS wage/pay return on this promo”, aspect with him, as I have a lil knowledge on the problems therebouts.
As I said above, it is totally like any door to door “sales commission” middle man skimmer thing. The guys on street are putting in time and paying all costs, and only make money on pyramid return when they get ppl to sign to the new contract.
(I was thinking about last Winter, TX power outage price spike insanity some ppl ran into depending on who their “supply contract” was with?? Remember THAT shitshow?!)
Anyhoo- the groups always have a ‘handler’ aka Cheerleader to keep those promises of BIG EZ MONEY, and not hard work door to door going. But reality is suspicion and rejection and anger are the majority interactions, and it is NOT fun or rewarding. I popped a few green energy bubbles and was able to predict enough employer structure, to sorta really not leave him as outgoing& shiny employee. (#1 whom I browbeat for “no” ID never even got outta van. He was done.) I take no pleasure in this, reality is a bitch, and times are tough. Sooner they see they are being conned, and have no illusions if THEY are conning, THIS Locale will eat them. Lotta tall corn to disappear into!??
I was square in discussion, that YES, LEO was gonna drop in, and I was pleased he didn’t bolt. YES, Leo did verify they had a legit town permit to go door to door $50 a day.
Huh! Did not know mytown did that. But I get the valid concept. (CriminalCrim would NOT pay the fee, NOR face the background check.) ALSO, the permit, states ANY complaints from citizens, and permit is NULL. LEO said sorry, this is #2+ complaints, y’all gotta leave now. ) Solicitor Guy said “I Understand!” See ya.

If Ya made it THIS Far…
YES- I’m aware have watched other mal events at times places of imposter entry/assaults. Despicable! Maybe this was a Tangent there… BUT….
What I see in the Home Security tape on video above… Similar to what I relate above. Dude has a big ass tablet and whatnot, has a trainee/wingman (guy #2 who is Further out the way, to not seem as TOO sketchy/imposing. I’d suppose the extra ppl, were also canvassers, ready to end day or in training mode- who knows. And as I remind you— The door to door solicitors in Summer (college kids/dropouts/etc), are poorly funded and trained… most are miserable. The occasional congifted will prosper. Ugh.
Enough outta me- Stay Frosty!
Ps: I appreciate your views/blogging DiveMedic! Muchas Gracias!!

Eric Wilner · September 17, 2021 at 6:22 am

Odin sez: “Never part with your weapons when out in the fields; you never know when you will need your spear.”

Bear Claw Chris Lapp · September 17, 2021 at 9:43 am

Thank you for that. I sent the link to my wife and kids as I always do with good teaching moments.

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