On top of all the high real estate taxes, falling property values, needing a translator to order breakfast at McDonald’s, the drugs, the crime, and all of the Yankees coming down here to tell us how to do things, the weather here in the summer is teh suck. It is hot, and dangerously humid. Our low temperatures are limited by the dew point, meaning that since the temperature cannot drop below the dew point (which is around 75DegF), we always start the day at 100% humidity. From there, we reach a high of about 95DegF. Combine that with our dew point, and you have a heat index of about 110DegF.

The problem here is I have no idea how they measure temperature. I am showing a current temperature of 103 DegF, while the official temp according to the weather service is only 91. Using my temperature the heat index calculates out to 119 DegF. The tropical sun beats down without mercy.

Here in Florida, there are 4 seasons:

Hot: March through May
F’ing Hot: June through mid September
Still Hot: Mid September through Mid November
Snow Birds: Mid November through February

What does all of this mean? It means that you can’t go outside from mid June to the middle of September without risking your health. It also means a $500 electric bill. (and I only keep the thermostat set at 78.)

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