Last month, I received a pair of Facebook bans. Apparently, they have noticed that I am to the right of Joseph Stalin have thusly been declared an enemy of the state by someone down there. I have been banned for 30 days, but that hasn’t stopped them from looking through my FB history, I guess. My account is now in a “warning” status and I will not be permitted to purchase Facebook advertising, and face a permanent ban if more violations are found. I have so far not been told anything beyond “something you posted violated our community standards.”

In search of the reasoning behind this, I came across this article. So apparently, anyone that Facebook deems to be a racist will be banned. They are blaming the Christchurch massacre.

“Starting today, people who have broken certain rules on Facebook — including our Dangerous Organizations and Individuals policy — will be restricted from using Facebook Live,” Guy Rosen, Facebook’s vice president of integrity, wrote in a Tuesday blog post.
A comprehensive list of offenses that would see a user barred from Live wasn’t included, although the examples used all had to do with circulating terrorist-related content. (emphasis added)

When I received the original ban, they did reference the “Dangerous Organizations and Individuals policy” which they claimed I was in violation of. My first offense of this policy was my posting of a picture of the inside of a Venezuelan hospital emergency room with the caption “This is where government run healthcare ends up.” According to Facebook, that makes me a dangerous terrorist.

I would note that Facebook has no problem with Antifa being on their site.  Antifa has caused more violent attacks than I have (I have not caused any)

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Aaron C. de Bruyn · February 10, 2020 at 3:36 am

I've been on Facebook maybe 4 times in the last few years to look up contact info or check on a friend. Get rid of them. You'll be happier and impact their revenue. How many people are on Facebook just to follow you or a small handful of people? Remove yourself, and other people will also have less reason to stay.

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