Why does his opinion in the Zimmerman/Martin case matter? Why is his opinion any more relevant than anyone else’s? Is he a lawyer? A self defense expert? A firearms expert? Forensic examiner? Does the fact that he is a famous actor give him some sort of expertise in any relevant topic? Does the fact that he is black give him some sort of insight that the rest of us do not possess? No, none of the above.

So why do I care what he thinks? Why should any of us care?

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Anonymous · April 8, 2012 at 5:36 pm

You really don't need to care what his opinion is. You just have to realize that society DOES care about his opinion. And that shows how highly we value an opinion from somebody like him.
We can't value the opinion of the writers of the constitution….those are a bunch of "dead white guys". We can't valuse we can't value the opinion of a Christian preacher….because he is gonna "judge" you. We can't value the opinion of a conservative…becasue the conservative is racist/a nazi/a facist; etc, etc, etc.
Society only wants you to value the opinion of somebody like Snooki. When you do that; you are not watching the man behind the curtain.
So sleep on dear sheeple, sleep on.


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