Yesterday, a Federal judge in the district court for the Southern District of California struck down the state law that limited people to purchasing one gun in any 30 day period, stating that such a law is unconstitutional. The lawsuit was brought buy the Forearms policy coalition.

The FPC is doing a great job as a no nonsense gun rights organization. They and the Second Amendment Foundation are kicking ass and taking names.

The FPC is truly doing the heavy lifting that the NRA should have been doing for decades, but were busy paying for Wayne LaPierre’s wardrobe and NetJet account. Just last week, I got another email asking me to join the NRA, even though I have been a life member for more than 20 years.

Right now, they are arguing in a Delaware case, with the state trying to set the stage for a complete semi-auto ban.

I have set up a recurring monthly donation. I would like to point out that it is cheaper to fight now in the courts than it is to fight later in the streets. I get nothing for this post, and am not in any way associated with them, other than being a member and a donor. I am just a gun owner who wants to be left alone. If you are too, maybe you can toss them a few bucks.

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Aesop · March 12, 2024 at 5:58 pm

That judgement merely tells Califrutopians, including TPTB, what gun owners here have known since it was passed: it’s moot and retardedly wrong.

It bears repeating that despite any other of his flaws and missteps, this is Heller, followed by MacDonald and Bruen, that last due in no small part to the SCOTUS secured by Trump, couple with Trump coming within two appointments of flipping the majority in the 9th Circus to majority-constitutionalist conservative.

Two less liberal jugheads and two more Benitez-style constitutional conservative federal judges, and the most of the US west of the Rockies all the way to Guam returns to free territory, overnight, for the next generation.

And the list of idiotic laws passed on the Pacific Coast is going to undo most of what their legislatures have done going back 40 years.

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