Yesterday, I posted a little test. Here are the answers:

Rifles A, B, E, and G are fully automatic.
Rifles C, D, and F are semi-automatic

Rifles C and D would have been illegal, because they are semi-automatic rifles with a folding stock and a pistol grip.

The fully automatic guns would be legal to own, as they were not part of the law. Even if all could be modified to semi-automatic operation only, they would still not have been illegal.


Rifles C and D are the only ones on this list that have not been issued to the soldiers of any military.


The criteria used to ban these rifles in 1994 were based only upon cosmetic features, none of which affected the operation or lethality of any of these weapons.

The weapons were:

A: Soviet Ppsh-41 Submachine gun
B: Model 1921 Thompson Submachine Gun
C: AR-15
D: Sig MCX
E: M-2 Carbine
F: M-1 Garand Rifle
G: M-14 Rifle

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