A teacher in Osceola county is in hot water for making several third grade boys clean a dirty bathroom as punishment. Now this initially makes you think that the teacher was being unreasonable, until you find out that the mess that they boys were made to clean up was made by the boys in the first place.

That isn’t a punishment, that is called making it right. you destroyed the bathroom, so now you get to clean up after yourself. The parents didn’t think so:

“I wouldn’t punish my child like that, and I wouldn’t expect the school to do that either,” parent Gustavo Serrano said. “It was too far, it was definitely too far.”

That is part of the problem right there.

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Used to be, the worst punishment possible was for the teacher to tell your parents what you did. I certainly dreaded going home with a note that had to be signed. That apparently hasn’t been the case for a very long time.

no shit, I was being an ass one day in 4th grade. the third time I got sent to the vp he was going to send me home instead of another paddling. I begged him not to cause the old man would have lit me up. 3 swats and back in class.

Parents clean it up or kids clean it up…….lets see how long it takes the parents to learn……

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