We keep hearing how AR 15s are only good for killing large groups of people in a short time, and are no good for self defense, but what if your home is being attacked by four armed criminals? A 61 year old homeowner discovered the answer when he was attacked by four armed home invaders.

In this case, a man who lives in Summerfield, Florida saw a man that he recognized from a recent Craiglist sale attempting to enter his house and told him to leave. An hour later, the man returned with three accomplices. The four were armed with a handgun, two shotguns, and a BB gun.

The homeowner was awakened by the sound of his front door being kicked in, and grabbed an AR 15 to investigate. When he entered the dining area, he was confronted with a man wearing a “Jason” mask and wielding a handgun. The homeowner doesn’t remember who fired first, but a gunfight ensued. When that firefight was over, the thug in the dining room was found dead with a handgun next to his body, a second man was found wounded in the front yard, lying next to a shotgun, and the 61 year old homeowner was found lying in his bedroom with a gunshot wound to his abdomen.

Police searched the area and found a second shotgun in the yard, along with a VW sedan with its front doors left open (apparently belonging to the dead guy in the dining room), and two more miscreants hiding in the bushes.

This also shows that, even if you are shot, keep putting lead downrange. You aren’t out of the fight until you can’t return fire.

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