A couple of months ago, I predicted:

How much control the revolutionary communist wing of the Democrat party and their billionaire and Chinese backers have on the overall party will determine how Biden leaves office. If their hold is weak, Biden will make it to 2023 before he is removed and replaced by Harris. 

If they are a bit more powerful, he will be replaced within weeks. They may even let him resign. If the communists are firmly in power, he will die in office. Just how spectacular and public that death is will be a great indication of how much trouble is coming. The worst case scenario for this country would be an assassination. In public. By an assassin who turns out to be a Republican member of the NRA and the murder weapon is an ‘assault weapon.’ Of course, this will enable them to declare the NRA to be a “terrorist organization” and shut it down. 

When I mentioned this theory to Miguel over at Gunfreezone, he said that for such a scheme to work, the secret service would need to be in on it, and they have had enough of a black eye lately that they are unlikely to play along. 

So now I have to share a bit of my own history and some inside info. When I was a paramedic, the agency I worked for assisted the secret service when they were in town with several protectees. They use local resources, as well as multiple agencies to assist them. There are more than just a few people who are within shooting range of the president, and not all of them are special agents. There are local cops, SS uniformed division, Capitol police, and more. 

What if someone on a security detail could be used as the fall guy? If I were writing a book, I couldn’t be this outlandish, but here they are foreshadowing. The Democrats are already suggesting that there are police and secret service who are so loyal to Trump that they would kill President Biden. They are either so stupid as to telegraph their intentions, or they are so institutionally paranoid as to need therapy and medication. 

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