Now New Yorkers are resurrecting the old “blood in the street, gunfights over parking spots” argument- you know, the things that they always say, but never seem to happen. We in Florida have been hearing all of that since 1989, and it just doesn’t happen.

An armed society is a polite society. When you know that you may have to pay for your words and actions with your life, you tend to be more polite.

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That may be why some of central and southern CA driving is rude, agressive, angry, and not nice to be around

Just assume everyone else is armed and act accordingly.
In the grotto they say don’t start none and there won’t be none.
Comrade Liam Neeson and other Hollywood poseurs tote a prop pistol in every movie.

Hollywierd does not/can not/is unable to comprehend, that Americans weapons aren’t props and we have experience using them.

He effed around and found out the hard way. When’s the wrongful death suit?

Like weeding a garden after the habitual troublemakers are buried the rest learn polite manners.

Weeding is ongoing. That’s how Robert Heinlein explained it to me in the 70’s.

My state has had no permit (constitutional) carry for years.
Same worn out caterwauling when it passed, STILL no bodies in the streets you have to step over to get to the grocery store.
There have been some azzholes that have been ‘cordlessly drilled’ in self defense however.

Aren’t NYC streets already running red? How can this make it any worse?

I think the difference would be that if it goes through the blood would belong to the right people, ie the criminals the city has coddled for too long!

It’s not always a dishonest argument. It’s also Projection. They’re kinda sorta admitting “If *I* had a gun, I’d shoot anyone who annoyed me.” Because they have poor self discipline and the emotional maturity of small children, they assume that we do too.

Not saying that makes their position valid or correct. Just that that’s another motivation for the crap that comes out of their mouths and keyboards. (I’m not merely theorizing. The “If I had a gun” thing I’ve heard from lots of libs. And one high-IQ but messed-up-in-the-head guy I worked with blurted out “well, guns scare me, and that’s why no one should have one!” He actually covered his mouth with his hand and bulged his eyes out in horror after letting that slip out. This was after literally 3 hours of debate. He’d cornered me and said “we need to settle this about guns because you’re wrong.” Anyway, he’s hated me ever since. As Glen would say, Har Har Har. Why engage for 3h? Because I shared an office with this doofus and Every Goddamn Morning he’d come after me on some guns (or race) bullshit. Finally I thought, fine, I’ll blow the morning’s work, but we ARE going to settle this. It didn’t go as he planned.)

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