I know this is old, but I just saw it. A woman in Indiana is pulled over for speeding. Since she is alone on a dark road, she is afraid for her safety, and does what many safety experts, as well as the Indiana state police, recommend: she engaged her flashers, slows down, and drives to a well lit, public area before stopping. 

“The officer indicated the motorist displayed a defiant attitude.”

So she was arrested because she did not display the appropriate amount of deference to the authoritah of a cop. Officer roid rage approached her car, furious that she did not pull over, and she got mouthy with him, which is not illegal. Instead, he found a way to exact his revenge. This is a classic POP (pissing off police) charge. I have have heard many cops say this:

You might beat the charges, but you won’t beat the ride.

Meaning that they are knowingly abusing their arrest powers to hassle people.

Fortunately, in this woman’s case, the public outcry resulted in charges being dropped. There are many cops who are good people, and you are all being painted with a pretty broad brush lately. Have you wondered why? It is because, as a profession, this sort of behavior has continued for long enough that most people know someone who has been mistreated by a rude, overbearing bully of a cop. For years, this has continued, and now a large percentage of the people don’t trust you.

Clean up your profession, get rid of the power hungry idiots, and maybe people will be more likely to support you.

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da_truth36 · January 4, 2016 at 12:16 pm

I've had a cop light me up in broad daylight, I turned on my flashers and looked for I what I thought was a safe place to pull over, only to have "officer roid rage" (good one, there) catch an attitude with me for not pulling over immediately. I know there are good LEO's out there, but it seems as if the ones that let their authority go to their heads are far outnumbering the good ones these days.

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