I have been asking for months why the left is so willing to pick a civil war here in the US, and why they want a war with Russia. Now I know:

Divemedic: whatever happens in Ukraine isn’t worth two American lives, much less enough to start a war over.

Internet Rando: What a lovely approach to humanity. I sincerely hope China invades the US some day in the future and nobody comes to help. Fuck all American lives. Right?

(I am including his profile picture, so you know what kind of granola crunching soyboy pussy who is talking shit.)

DM: So why aren’t you already in Ukraine? They need volunteers. Or do you only want to send other people to defend humanity?

Rando: As for why I’m not in Ukraine, personally? I’m fucking riddled with arthritis unfortunately and would be quite the hindrance. Or you know what? I’d gladly have considered it. Fighting fascism is a duty all democratic citizens should have to answer. Unless you’re a coward.

DM: Not my fight. Lol. It’s easy to advocate for war when you know it won’t be you fighting it. and just so you know, I am a veteran. I don’t give 2 shits about Ukraine. Pussy.

This is why the left is pushing for so many wars. They despise the military and know that it won’t be them fighting.

Also, now you see why I keep getting kicked off of social media.

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Chris · September 30, 2022 at 7:26 pm

Spot On!!!

Big Ruckus D · September 30, 2022 at 7:36 pm

Such a perfectly prototypical pansy-ass faggot. And the ranks of the USMIL are being filled with pussies who look and think like this little asshole who gets his tonsils glazed on the regular. Good. Let THEM get ground up by the war machine, while the actual warriors stand down to avoid their lives being wasted for the shit wars the govt wants to fight.

And this worthless puss is riddled with arthritis, eh? What, has he spent so much time on his hands and knees getting pegged that he ruined his joints? Such a punchable face it defies human comprehension.

As far as anyone else coming to aid the US? Fat chance, we could never bank on that in the best of times (at least since the end of the “civil war”), and in these times we (or really “our” govt, more accurately) has alienated and pissed off most of the world with haughty and sanctimonious forced promulgation of disgusting and immoral bullshit. Yeah, best case scenario is that we’re on our own here. Worst case is a whole list of countries repeatedly victimized by our dogshit ruling class will seek revenge while we’re down for the count.

And one more thing, just for good measure: fuck that bearded, bespectacled arthritic faggot soyjack that DM posted the pic of with a rusty chainsaw. Sideways. At low throttle. It’s an outrage I have to share the same planet with repulsive cunts like that.

Southernborne · September 30, 2022 at 8:18 pm

So which side would he pick. Honestly don’t know which is worse.

Anonymous · September 30, 2022 at 10:07 pm

They want war because they know they’re weak little pussies, and the best way to cull the number of normies is to have a war. After the strong and fit and masculine men go off to the front and get killed, Brandyn and Jaden and Hugo the noodle armed feminists will suddenly have better odds of reproducing.

They want the competition killed.

mike · September 30, 2022 at 10:08 pm

They think they will sit the home fight out while the popo/feds/.mil roll up the gun totin republicans. after a week it will a worker’s paradise. They are so very, very, wrong.

tfourier · October 1, 2022 at 6:30 am

Arthritis? Thats the guys excuse?

With basic tourist Ukrainian (picked up easily mainly to be able to read Cyrillic) more than enough Ukrainians know English for him to be able to volunteer for in country for humanitarian / support roles. Although the Ukrainians much prefer other Easter Europeans as volunteers because they dont have their heads up their ass like all lefty Americans. The most clueless and useless people in the world. Ex-US military people on the other hand, some of the most welcome volunteers of all.

I understand why so many non-left wing looney Americans are so against getting involved but that option disappeared after Afghanistan. After that all Eastern European NATO countries realized they were on their own, they were next, and every Russian solder that died in Ukraine was one less to invade their country. Which Putin has threatened to do with all of them even before February. Why do you think Finland and Sweden joined.

The Eastern European countries are the ones driving the situation. The US is just along for the ride. Supplying ammo, equipment, and intel.

A good friend has family members fighting on both side since 2014. I know the background inside out. Known lots of Ukrainians, lots of Russian, lots of Belarus and many many Eastern Europeans. I support Ukraine 100%. And do my small bit stomping Russian trolls online. Mostly with screenshots taken directly from Russian state TV which I started watching daily in January again. It turns out its the killshot for state operative trolls. Evidence from Russian TV coverage. The Useful Idiots take a little longer.

Its precisely because I watch Russian state TV everyday and the genocidal hatred they broadcast that I want Putin crushed and destroyed. Just like in 1989/91 watching Russian state TV tells you exactly what the Kremlin thinks. What Putin thinks. Back then we were just dealing a collapsing dysfunctional politically bankrupt state. This time we are dealing with an opportunistic street thug who is pure evil. In a collapsing dysfunctional politically bankrupt state. Whose support comes mainly from the Russian people who are terrified that the anarchy of the 1990’s will return.

All options are terrible. This war will only end when Putin is gone. No other way. And once Putin is gone Russia will probably go full Yugoslavia. As I said, all options are terrible. Just like in 1938.

One thing about watching Russian State TV is that they do show all the pool video of Biden stumbling around suffering from advanced senility. Which you almost never see in the MSM. Thats the one news-story the Russians dont have to use their usual deceptive editing or outright faking of video. Which is all the rest of their news / war coverage. If you thought CNN/MSNBC etc was bad… you aint see nothing.

    MN Steel · October 1, 2022 at 8:19 am

    Reminds me of when I was in Bosnia checking weapon storage sites, wondering why US troops were there at all.

    Our best plan we came up with was fence the whole shitshow off, no supplies in, no refugees out, let them all fight until there’s only one victor, and welcome them into “polite society” again.

    Glad you watch Russian TV all the time, they must be happy for the ratings.

    There’s been fighting and/or animosity there since the Rus and Khazar Empires, it’s probably time for one of those crooked, backhanded, thieving, bloodthirsty ruling classes to be eliminated. At this point I don’t give a good goddamn which one, but I can’t see paying or dying for either one.

      tfourier · October 1, 2022 at 4:49 pm

      You were in Bosnia because James Baker screwed up royally in 1991. When Slovenia bolted Hans-Dietrich Genscher the German Foreign Minister put forward a viable plan for breaking up Yugoslavia. Just like what happened later in the Czechoslovakia divorce. Baker said no. Yugoslavia must not be broken up. No more discussion. A few months later the mass killing in Vokovar started. And the 300K plus body count.

      I traveled through Bosnia in the early 1980’s.. Nice place. Nice people. Way too much history. And a lot more now.

      What too many people in the US dont understand is that just like after 1938 it does not matter what you think or want., that train has already left the station. After August 15’th 2021 the US has zero credibility. None. I remember watching on TV the helicopters in Saigon in 1975. What happened last year was far worse than that humiliation back in the 1970’s. With far graver consequences. The US now follows were others lead.

      The second part of the Russian Kharkiv front collapsed today and I’m dusting off old reports and books from 30 years ago to see if there is any reason why the designated detonation targets wont be one of the two already identified by the Russians in the last 5 years. The ABM radar sites in Poland and Czech republic.

      For the US the only thing to be decided now is if the Biden Administration turns out to be worse than the Woodrow Wilson administration or the James Buchanan administration. My money is on Buchanan.

      I would not bitch too much about how much it might cost. Peanuts compared to the other immensely wasteful and fraudulent spending by the administration. Hundreds and hundreds of billions. At the current rate the US contribution to the Ukraine war might just top the financial fraud in the “COVID” support spending in 2020 and 2021 by the end of the year. It was only in the last month of so the US support spending delivered to Ukraine was greater than the amount of financial fraud in just the California “COVID” unemployment payments. Well over $20B.

      So that argument doesn’t fly. Considering what the Eastern European countries are doing. Percentage of GNP support.

      As for not getting involved. That worked out well for the US in the 1930’s. You might not be interested in war but.war..

      So not your call to make. Just like it wasnt for the civilians in Bosnia. The decisions of others, foreigners, sealed their fate.

Paulb · October 1, 2022 at 6:40 am

Good lord, look at that guy. My calves are bigger around than his little neck. How does someone who has no wrinkles, sun damage or gray end up ‘riddled with arthritis?’ I mean, he could have said “I have a prolapsed anus and I can’t not shit myself all day” and I’d have bought that. But early onset arthritis on a guy who’s rocking that barista body is a bit of a stretch.

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