So a cop that I know posted this video to Facebook:

With this comment attached:

I think this cop didn’t know what to do because he spit out some legal crap.

Here are the replies from the posters fellow officers:

1:  I agree..he had probable cause for the stop….the 911 call for a man with a gun…duh….

2:  And he wouldn’t have gotten that gun back till he proved he could legally carry it…for ya know…public safety.…

3:  your walking around with a gun….. we are going to stop you dumbass get used to it. smh

4:  Time to cuff and stuff!

5:  some stick time and a ride will solve that problem 

6: The cop should have arrested him for disturbing the peace

7: Stupid law students 

Not one cop posted in favor of the gun owner.

Let’s start out with probable cause. The term probable cause means that the officer has reason to believe that more likely that not, the person is guilty of a crime. A 911 call that a man has a gun is not probable cause to believe that a man has committed a crime, if it is not a crime to have a gun.

Taking a person’s property without a legal reason to do so is a crime. The only problem is that the cops (in many cases, correctly) believe that they are above the law.

The obvious disregard for people’s rights and the law makes me fear the cops more than the criminals. They are just a legalized street gang. It is things like this that make me begin to think that anarchy could not be much worse.

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