We left Houston and arrived home last night. There were some here who asked what I brought, so here it is:

One level 3A ballistic vest, and one level 4 vest
Active hearing protection (two sets)
Night vision goggles
2 Gas masks
Various holsters (OWB, IWB, Fanny pack)

Pepper Spray
M&P9C with three 18 round magazines loaded with 9mm 115gr +P.
M&P380 with three 8 round magazines loaded with 90gr Gold Dot HP
Skorpion EVO with three 32 round and one 20 round magazines with 9mm 135gr +P
AR-15 with four 30 round magazines loaded with Lake City 62gr Green tip, and one 30 round magazine loaded with 50gr Jacketed Hollowpoints.

Credit cards, $1,000 in cash
Cell phone
Portable HAM radio in 2m band, programmed for Houston area repeaters
First aid kit

My first aid kit is made using this kit as a base. Then I added:
2 Hyfin chest seals
1 Quik Clot Kit
2 CATs
1 Israeli battle dressing
A couple of single dose packs of Benadryl (Benadryl is useful for all sorts of stuff)

and all of it (except the CATs) fits into the pouch that the kit came in, and is attached to my body armor with MOLLE. There are all sorts of people that will tell you to carry IV equipment, BVMs, and all of that, but frankly, you don’t need that stuff. There are plenty of studies that bear that out.

Try to control bleeding for 30 seconds. If you can’t, but a TQ on it. Seal chest wounds with Hyfin. Insert a nasal cannula. That’s it. You don’t need to carry the entire hospital with you.

EDITED: In all, 68 pounds of gear. That wasn’t counting clothes, food, etc. My brother thought I was nuts. I don’t care. I was not going to travel 1100 miles from home during civil unrest while defenseless.

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Miguel GFZ · June 17, 2020 at 3:17 am

"Benadryl is useful for all sorts of stuff"

Beside the obvious and geting toddlers to go to sleep, what are the other uses?

Divemedic · June 17, 2020 at 3:45 am

Old EMT remedy. It used to be that we were very restricted as to what we could give patients, and we had to call to get orders from many things, and most doctors were reluctant to allow EMTs to give drugs prehospital.

So enterprising EMTs found new uses for drugs that they WERE allowed to give.

50mg (two tablets) of benadryl makes a GREAT sedative for combative or anxious patients or patients in mild to moderate pain.
It is a great sleep aid.
It works for motion sickness and nausea.
It also is quite effective in people experiencing tremors and anxiety (25mg works great for this)

Jonathan H · June 17, 2020 at 3:11 pm

Thanks for the weight info.
Was that all for you, or was it to split between you and your wife?

Divemedic · June 17, 2020 at 4:14 pm

Wife too. That was the reason for the 380.

Robert · June 22, 2020 at 3:02 am

Divemedic: Walgreen's generic version of benadryl must not be the same formulation 'cause all it did was make my typed report degenerate into gibberish. I coulda used a nap but wasn't sleepy, just loopy as hell.

Divemedic · June 22, 2020 at 3:52 am

LOL. You know what a B52 is, right? I am not talking about the plane.

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