I have been catching a lot of flack from my Republican friends for saying that I refuse to vote for Rick Scott. They claim that unless I vote for Scott, I am handing Congress to the Democrats. Let me show you why I refuse to vote for that son of a bitch. Her is the campaign ad that tells the entire story:

After the shooting in South Florida, Rick Scott stabbed gun owners in the back by signing a gun control bill into law. The law raises the age to buy firearms from 18 to 21, meaning that the constitutional rights of people between 18 and 20 don’t matter. It also put a number of other laws from the gun control wish list on the books.

At the end: “I am Rick Scott and I approve this message.” Not only did this asshole stab gun owners in the back, he is bragging and campaigning about it. He will do it again, if he thinks it will get him more votes. It is up to gun owners to show him that this is a losing strategy, so maybe he will think twice next time.

I am a gun owner, and I don’t forget what you did to me, and I have voted accordingly.

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