I accidentally closed my recliner on my laptop. Afterwards, every time I plug it into the charger, the light on the charger goes out. I figured it was shorted, and that sucks because I just paid $1600 for this laptop back in June. As a last ditch, I decided to open it up and risk the warranty (which doesn’t cover slamming it in your recliner anyway). It turns out that the charging port is a replaceable part that is separate from the motherboard. The part costs $48, including shipping. 

For now, I am on an older laptop that I keep around as a spare. 

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Therefore · October 12, 2020 at 12:23 pm

My wife kills cell phones and cell phone chargers. She goes through cell phones at about three for every one that I or the children do. And she does it by destroying the charging port.

For what ever reason she waits till her phone is at 5% or less, then must plug in and must continue to use the phone. So she is always yanking in the cord which yanks on the port. It bends the port out of shape so the cords don't fit firmly and fall out or don't make a good connection. In some cases she's broken internal connectors.

At the same time it damages the charge cable till they don't fit or work with other phones. And of course since she is out of charge and needs to continue to work, she does this to every charger she has access to.

The fact that your laptop has a replaceable charge port is amazing and wonderful.

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