Bad Tactics

A guy is following your wife home. She calls to have you wait outside for her arrival. If you stand in front of the guy’s car with your phone out, he will run your ass over, breaking your back before driving away.

Or you can be out front with a weapon (open carry is legal on your own property) like an AR308, which will punch through that little shitbox of a car. All I know is that I wouldn’t be lying in a hospital, disabled.

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If in an urban area, I’d meet her somewhere public with cameras and people, potentially a police station if you trust local LEO.

Follow and rob is a tactic in the glorious people’s republic of California and as the land of fruits and nuts goes…so goes Chiquitastan during Hussein Hopenchange’s turd term of burning it all down better once and for all.

+1 on NOT taking the bad guy to your house.

Miami Dr is a dead end, access only from Rte 50 so she was on 50; continue east on 50, right on Dean, left on Lake Underhill, 1 mile to OCSO Sector II Station.

OCFD Station 81 is 2 miles +/- south of Rte 50 on Econ, Station 83 is on Underhill next to Outback, couple miles east of Sector II.

Drive to where you can get help if it’s needed. Know WHERE those places are and how to get there.

Then again, in today’s world she decided handing out s**t in traffic was a good idea and she’s attached to a guy who thinks standing in front of a car with a camera is a smart move, so there’s that…..

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