More thoughts on the President’s false bravado about citizens and their AR15’s being useless in the face of fighter jets and nukes.

Remember how brave they were 5 months ago?

Members of the Flintstones Order of the Water Buffalo captured the Capitol while unarmed.

honk honk

This was just before they summoned 30,000 fat assed National guard clerks and office personnel from MEAL Team 6 to guard DC.

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Anonymous · June 24, 2021 at 1:58 pm

Somebody should write a science fiction story where a fed-up population organizes ten million oppressed people to pull their savings out of the banks and turn it into gold coins, bag their parole tracking ankle bracelets (smart phones), take the license tags off their cars … and then don’t do anything else except smile at the media while they describe how they aren’t making any more tax or license payments, either. The remaining taxpayers will feel like chumps.

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