Democrats are sitting here looking at how well eliminating bail is working for New York City, and are thinking that what we need here is more crime. So now they are pushing for a similar system in Orlando.

The State Attorney who is pushing this is Aramis Ayala, who famously declared that she would not push for the death penalty in any case that came to her office, even one where a man murdered a police officer. As a result, the Governor took all potential death penalty cases away from her.

Attorney John Morgan, the ambulance chasing injury attorney who made a nearly a billion dollars by suing people, successfully pushed for legalizing medical marijuana in Florida. His next fight is recreational marijuana, and there are rumors that he is going to use that to attempt a shot at the governor’s mansion. Typical limousine liberal.

So stand by for Orlando to be a criminal’s paradise. Now that felons can vote in Florida, this is a full on attempt to convert Florida blue.

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SiGraybeard · February 20, 2020 at 1:43 pm

We're rapidly running out of inhabitable places, countrywide. If they can't see NYC style bail reform is a bad idea, they're too blind or too stupid to be in positions of authority.

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