So there is this ALICE protocol that my school district spent gobs of money to train the school staff to follow a few months ago. One of the basic things was that the school will not keep everyone in the dark. They are supposed to put the school in lock down, and then keep everyone informed through announcements of what is going on, and where the shooter is, so that way teachers can escort their charges to a safe location, if the shooter is not close enough to prevent escape.

Great plan? eh.

They say no plan survives first contact with the enemy, and this plan was no different. Yesterday, my school had two separate incidents involving firearms. The teachers didn’t find out until AFTER school was over. One of them involved a student who texted her mother, saying that the kid next to her had a gun. The mother called the school. The administrators decided that they didn’t want to cause a panic, and decided to handle the incident by barging into the classroom with a load of administrators and cops. So much for their  plans.

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