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Another leftie media source is ranking states on which is the best location in which to raise a family. Florida is 11 from the bottom. According to them, Massachusetts is the best state to raise a family.

Then why are people moving out of Massachusetts and in to Florida?

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Looking at the criteria they used, to me they weighted towards big cities with high paying jobs (and ignored the related high housing costs). Note that they gave weight to paid parental leave, subsidized childcare, and other Liberal ideals – again, ignoring the fact that high costs force those to be relevant by requiring both parents to work.
Also, note that they appeared to score higher mortgages as a GOOD thing…

The only criteria listing that did not surprise me was Louisiana and Mississippi being at the bottom for education. Otherwise, some of their data is suspect – for example, placing New Jersey in the top 5 for lowest crime.

ny #2 because everyone enjoys giving half of every $ they earn to the state in taxes…libtards are insane

there’s 10 states more Affordable than hawaii? Hawaii is More Affordable than West Virginia? I haven’t lost all my marbles YET….

I rarely look at any of the “best places” lists, because it never fails that their criteria doesn’t align with mine.

That said.
In 10 or so years all of our red states/areas will be blue. Because these people are like locusts.
Eating their way through the free states/areas. Turning them into the shitholes they fled.

Massholestania? I’m surprised it isn’t a CCP rump or vassal state by now.
Florida is West Germany as De SantaClaus said previously.
Massive influx here in Red State and the gridlock and overtaxed infrastructure are getting out of hand.
The same roads from the 1980’s just doesn’t work when you add tens of thousands of new arrivals and particle board apartments and mcsubdivisions are springing up like mushroom even in towns that have fought it for decades as Capital City (CPUSA) expands out like a blob.
It looks so bizarre an old farm with silos surrounded by subdivisions and section 8 apartments.

What are the demographics of the Florida bound. I know a lot of my fellow geezers are at least seasonal, like me, tending toward permanent. Is Florida getting families?

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