Here is a story complaining that an 18 year old man who was caught and convicted for committing a string of seven armed robberies, one of which where he engaged in a gunfight with a concealed weapons permit holder that resulted in an accomplice getting shot, and was sentenced to 162 years in prison. The press is complaining because he is a “teenaged first time offender.”

He isn’t a first time offender, he is a seven time offender. Just because he was committing so many crimes that he wasn’t caught until after his seventh robbery doesn’t mean he gets a pass on the other six. Under this theory, a serial killer who isn’t caught until after he kills 40 women is a first time offender? Of course not.

In this case, the press would rather scream about the unfairness to the criminal, and outlaw the guns he used.  

The violent felon had this to say:

“There ain’t no justice in the justice system,” he said, gazing down at
his olive-green prison jumpsuit and beige rubber sandals.

Justice here has been served. You are a person who has committed at
least seven armed robberies, attempted to murder one of your victims,
and now you want to talk about justice?

Rot in there, you fucking douchebag. And to the press that is slanting this article: this is why the mainstream press is becoming more and more irrelevant. We are tired of your biased reporting that blames the working people, and excuses the lazy slackers of the welfare and criminal class.

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