Biden to eliminate single family houses

So apparently, single family homes are racist, so Biden is planning to eliminate them.

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This isn’t saying that single family homes will be banned, only that local zoning can’t say “only single family homes are allowed”. In theory, assuming they do what they said here, this only gives landowners more freedom to develop on their own land.

Guess how long it takes for Uncle Sugar to shift from “You are now allowed to do X” to “You are encouraged to do X,” and from there to “You must do X.”

Incredible how this helps low income people, combats racism, but wait – that’s not all – it also combats global warming/cooling/climate change!!!!! I’m surprised they didn’t add something about gender equality also, given the total grievance mongering trip they’re on.

Total BS.

It punishes older, middle class to upper middle class, home owning suburbanites who are typically republican and Trump supporters. Obama tried pushing this crap during his term, now we have Obama-light trying it as well.

You can read about how this plays out in Ayn Rand’s first book, We The Living. You’ll read about how the character’s single-bedroom apartment is ‘zoned’ for two families.

Commies. Democrats. Same thing.

While I do think cities should allow building of more ‘starter houses’ and not demand all new construction be mansions only, the fact remains it is human nature that people want to associate with those like themselves and not told by government busybodies who can live where. Too often education puffs people up.

Cities have made housing so expensive that there is no money to be made in building affordable housing; city land use laws are intended to make single family housing expensive and raise the price of existing housing.

those with money will move out of the city so basically you still have shit living in the city, city goes to shit, city his shithole…

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