Read this ad copy for shampoo:

Experience the gold standard in moisture, with Gold Series from Pantene Moisture Boost Shampoo. Thoughtfully developed by Black PhD scientists and perfected by Black hair stylists, every bottle of our paraben-free formula is infused with Argan oil. (emphasis added)

What difference does THAT make? Why is the word ‘black’ capitalized? What would be said if a company advertised that their products had been invented by other races? “Our calculators were designed by Asian PhD scientists and perfected by Asian math students, because you know that Asians are good at math!”

This is more proof that using black people to do things is evidence that your company is woke, because black people are magic. This woke bullshit is a religion.

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Papa · June 22, 2021 at 9:24 am

Developed by WHITE scientists.
Perfected by WHITE stylists.
I can hear and visualize the resulting screeching.

D.C. · June 22, 2021 at 11:26 am

They surely are cunning and ruthless how they dress up, package and literally market genocide, or is it methodology of economic marxism.
It’s not directly out of sympathy I’m saying it, though after all we are all American’s and really really need to stick together instead of being victims of divide and conquer, but as this globo=pedo crap progresses, somebody had to be their key useful idiots, and after decades of dumbing down and destroying the culture and traditions of American’s with dark skin, they sure picked and nursed the most useful of all dupes to create an entire generation of lethal violent savages for implementing order out of chaos in an ethnic cleansing operation, or pogrom, (amerika’s version of musloid Serb tools maybe?), on an order of magnitude larger than that of the Baltic genocide of the traditional Western Christian tribes and cultures, here in America.
It’s instructional the Clinton cabal regime/Soros machine set up, orchestrated and ran the Baltic pogrom in the 90’s. Can you say dry run?
Its highly instructional, that as cabal and it’s machine reveal themselves, as they must in their ever more dystopian actions, with increasing transparency as it moves to its WFO Overton window stage of global police state, how no matter its evil progresses, the foundational truth of a people armed and numerous born into ordered and individual liberty, presents cabal with inhibitions, problems and limitations that define its choices of viable strategy and tactics within predictable and somewhat limiting bounds. For now.

Personally, what I’m most concerned with in keeping an ear to the ground is the encroaching strategy of genocide of we who reside in the “unsecured spaces” of rural America. I believe its actualization is a tripwire of sorts.
Many accounts of a number of infiltration/operational/direct action groups of blackbloc orientation who they refer to as acclimation cells, most involved originate from urban and metro origins, they typically discreetly rent or buy a property in key rural locations and live, or the network provides them, procure local jobs, and surveil the local population while acclimating to its culture in order to be more effective operatives, posing as regular everyday folks.
Here’s one source, basically a message and coms board dressed up as a blog, lot of really valuable intell and insights how these actors operate to be had. Has Soros fake color revolution written all over it. “When the enemy talks you should listen”, they have committed a number of direct action dry runs against farmers, killing their livestock, burning structures and equipment: crimethinc dot com

One thing that is interesting seems these cells find it difficult to live in rural areas, they find it alien, isolating, estranged from the known, and foreign to them, difficult to acclimate to if at all.
Many of those I know, many being clannish and most generationally hereditary land owners, we see signs of such outsider cells and groups in and around our AO, and their activities are fairly obvious once you understand their MO’s and tactics, regardless they are obvious as real foreigners. Being a foreigner my self provides unique insights.
These cells are kind of specific area dedicated plug in groups, a separate branch of the larger gangstalker level network the machine has infested everything good and proper in our country with.
As it gets closer to nut cutting time they are starting to stick out because they can never be wholly naturally part of the local culture, and as good folks naturally evolve their spidey sense and their hightened K Strategist amygdala’s are alert to dangers, instinctively are aware shit is getting sporty and consensus solidifies. I can identify particularly as an expatriate northern new england yankee, in these Appalachian mountains for some time now, many things from the economic/cultural ethnic cleansing took place from the late 80’s into the 2000’s up in rural NH creeping in.

It is really critical the machine wrests control of the rural areas. A tall task indeed. It’s one big arse country. They don’t have enough boots on the ground operatives.
This is where traditionally, self determining, self reliant, traditionally anti-fragile agrarian American’s reside. Different codes than from the burbs metro and urban cultures of traditional American’s, in key respects.
History shows the marxian system of genocide usurps the rural areas fairly early in its operations. Its been flipped 180 in America. Which creates some different dynamics. I think in part its because we are a people armed and numerous who are natural born to liberty, where literally no other folks on Earth are similar in this essential aspect. Such Freemen are enemy numero-uno to tyrants and their tyranny like nothing else. Add to that White Western, Christian, Blue Eyed, Time Honored Traditions, tyranny can not stand its very presence.
Very key element it seems. And folks in the “unsecured spaces” are naturally well armed in general and think nothing of being armed and well prepared, it is as natural as Sunday go to church and basic decent traditional Christian charity in your community. Tough nut for the network to crack. If it even can.
Took it upon myself few years back to become a lone real live rifle armed minute man, with my rifle and basic kit at all times, working our homestead and helping others on theirs. I was pretty nervous about the community reaction, so much to my surprise and delight, I get thumbs up’s and toots on the horn, ladies particularly drive by toot wave and have big grins, even people I only know by sight, some stop and want to know how my rifle is set up, simply curious and want to be sociable. Not a single negative reaction to date. It is quite the eye opener. My concerns regarding my communities reaction where totally irrelevant. Now it feels like the most natural thing to do. Truly, “An Armed Society Is A Polite Society”, a most civilized society. An indomitable, secure, prudent, society. And it speaks to other virtues regarding every citizen a soldier and or regulated warrior and militia. It can not be overstated. It is eternal once adopted, but easily forgotten as it has been by so many, but thats changing, God Bless us please. And that may be, the most critical important reason why disarmament and hoplophobes exist. Yeah its all about guns in the end, but its really the main weapon between the ears and in the heart that counts. A fine small unit infantry carbine set up with an outstanding proven combat optic, some essential basic improvised for the citizen soldier small unit infantry combat training, is icing on the cake. I know now what was meant by the meaning of well regulated whole of the militia. The ultimate imperative buck stops with each of us in this capacity. Its also only natural for this to evolve as more and more good folks arm up and up armor. The critical imperatives eventually drive form follows function evolution.
There is this entire America the yellow media has erased from the dialectic. It really exists. It is a vast plurality. Vast. It is beginning to recognize it is this plurality, an ultimate gestalt. A really really great thing.

AC47spooky · June 22, 2021 at 7:20 pm

And “poof” … just like that, there were no more white people appearing in TV commercials.

Do I care? If modern advertising is the cave art of the 21st century, I’m looking for a new cave.

    Cindy Emmerich · June 22, 2021 at 8:35 pm

    I’m with you Spooky. Give anything weird a wide berth!

Skeptic · June 23, 2021 at 5:25 pm

There are black PhD scientists?

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