Yet another attack where the assailant eats the other one’s face, this time in China. You can’t blame this one on the widespread Zombie mania here in the states, and you can’t blame it on bath salts.

Of course, the recent attack in Miami that police blamed on bath salts wasn’t due to bath salts, after all.

I don’t care what is causing it, drugs, alcohol, or psychosis, if anyone approaches me without clothes on and covered in blood, he is going to see what my carry weapon looks like. If he doesn’t immediately stop, I will use deadly force. This is getting totally out of hand.

On a related note, this man is foolish:

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Ruth · July 3, 2012 at 8:43 am

A fool is putting it lightly. I am surprisingly happy at the thought that he probably got his ass kicked. Serves him right.

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