It began with a tickle in the back of my throat Sunday morning. By last night, it had progressed to a sore throat. By the time I awoke this morning, I could barely swallow cold water. I spent the day in bed, getting my ass kicked by whatever virus this is. I slept until 10 am, got up to make a breakfast of chicken soup and Gatoraide, then back to bed by 11, slept until 3 pm.

Fatigue and sore throat appear to be the only symptoms. I am scheduled to work tomorrow. Let’s see how I am doing in the morning. I already feel a bit better…

But no free ice cream today.

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the regular flu and strep and other normal shit is still going around i assume or did covid wipe out all that out? did you weather change recently, maybe it’s just allergies?

Naw. Wife is sick too. I think I caught it from her, and she got it from a student. This is the time of year when teachers get sick.

We had strep run through our house. Son first, teacher wife who NEVER gets sick next, and youngest daughter after, all in two weeks.
I’m a walking petri dish and I didn’t get it.

Hang in there. I enjoy your posts very much.

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