It took 14 months to go from “Fourteen days to Flatten the Curve” to the government going door to door demanding to see your papers. If someone in July of 2019 had told you that all of this was going to happen within the next two years, what would you have said to them?

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D. C. · July 12, 2021 at 1:54 pm

“You don’t understand the half of it” is not what I would say, it was what I did say.
I was there at Richmond on 1-20-20. It is what set off everything after they saw with their own eyes how many good folks showed up armed to the effin’ teeth.
It took them completely by surprise they where not expecting such a gathering and the solidarity universally shared by everyone attending.
It is something hard to explain to others who could not show up. I sensed it, well my amygdalae was telling my gut, and I have learned to listen tomy gut because its my subconscious sending an important message, it was in no uncertain terms a pivotal event. From a glowie false flag stance, you could see the tactical set up they prepared, canalization was their first line strategy, spotters on key buildings and fast reaction squads, they had highway department single axle sander/plow dump trucks set in alley and cross streets prepostioned to move to block avenues of egress or canalize targets down specific kill zones, they completely fenced in the state capitol grounds in a manner where only one way in or out with portable chain link barriers, and overwatch teams at every vantage point, command and control observation points with designated marksman using scoped rifles to spot for the radio comms, local cops where on all the corners as a control at ground level, the whole town was a kill zone, it was far more concentrated an operation than Charlottesville, which was a complete staged events that a minority of clueless regular folks showed up not knowing it was a controlled event and false flag. I was there too, sat across the park offset so I could watch what was happening very early in the morning. The place was polluted with glowies and actors. So obvious no mistake what they where doing. I left before things got going, right after everyone cleared out and went to their stations waiting for the show to begin, you could the whole operation switch from preps to game time all at once.
So at Richmond I was more prepared to spot similar happenings. Different from Charlottesville, this wasn’t a fake protest it was an ambushcade. I was very attentive watching the stance and body language of the glowies, it was evident when the order was spread to stand down and only observe, you could see the change in the local cops they all got real friendly and chummy with everyone.
It was all so obvious. Patently obvious, looked like some of the command and control actors where acting in a pissed off mood, almost like they where angry about backing off their tactical stance.
I’ll tell you, when guys started to go thru the sally port in the barracade around the capitol building, all of us who chose to remain outside and armed, everyone allmost to a man, and ladies, it was like electricity went thru us and everyone had eyeballs on our compatriots who had the huge balls to go into the sack disarmed. Not a word was hardly spoken, lot of quick eye cintact and the kind of prayers to yourself like there for the grace of my Lord I go, for what we are about to recieve and do.
I been in a couple fights with others in a group before, its one of those things when your amygdalae is cranked to defcon 5, nobody needs to say shit, its on. Well it was all that on an order of magnitude, if the glowies araered shit it was on like donkey kong and far as I was concerned, felt like them glowies where going to go out with all of us if it was the last thing we was going to do, each take one with us. There was not near enough of them to stop shit if they started shit, not even close, and if there was it would not have mattered. That kind of electricity. They backed off, we all chilled, it was a great festive event, you couldn’t keep the grin off your face, and the Ladies, you could see how safe and honored they felt, lot of them started hamming it up and giving out the Matriaechy love to their warriors, something to see. To be immersed in.
It was a display of solidarity that is the indomitable thing. Polite and civilized to the max. Like shit should be, like whats gonna happen at some point, good folks are going to switch from being a plurality who simply wants to be left alone, and like a light switch have this mass gestalt, this true paradigm, and go from being legion across flyover nation to becoming A Legion of Freemen who are the regimes nemesis.
I seen it, experienced, was a part of that day. I believe we scared the crap out of the machine, dollasrs to donuts they had us figured for losers who would fold and get on the trains voluntarily, that they had us that broken and destitute morally and culturally. When they saw it was not so, tens of thousands of us good folks armed to the teeth showed up, the math was self explanatory, if 30-50 thousand, I don’t know how many, but is was a constant turnover and in those narrow old cow path streets you could not see everyone at once, it was more than I ever imagined would show up. Well extrapolate out. Tuesday work day, temps in the high teens, streets like wind tunnels, this happy crowd of openly armed people having a great time just being around each-other, think it out, say 35 thousand showed up in Virginia on a Tuesday, I think more but no way to verify it, but 35 large to be conservative, do the demographic mathematics. Your globo=pedo you want to destroy just this kind of thing so America the beautiful, and 35,000 K Strategists show up in full battle rattle…

I bet anyone a case of beer them sumabiatchez suddenly realozed there’s some number on the order of many millions of armed to the effin’ teeth dirt people needin’ to be removed from the globo=homo equation of world dominion. And they already know why, and that said dirt peopole are the only slaves who successfully fought a revolt and won and became highly successful, beyond anyones wildest expectations. All because they had Rifles that belonged to them and weren’t afraid of using their rifles against the ancient evil.

Bet another thing too, their commie chink overlords looked at it and went ballistic, after decades of infiltrating our institutions, billions wasted on buying and installing a criminal ruling class to replace our experiment in good government with a skinsuit that has the illusion of a constitutional republic, those chinks went pluperfict ballistic that how many million white guy armed to the teeth you say? And you ain’t got rid of them yet?
Its the chink lung aids bio-weapon for you round eyes, complete with a side of Mao totalitarian false flag. You get those running dog round eyes with rifle under control or we come in thru tunnel and do red dawn on your ass.
And off to the races we go!

Nobody is asking who behind it all.
Nobody saying gee Virginia, only way you pull off all this chink lung aids false flag on this order ogf magnitude and pull off an election coup, not on a banana republic like Venezuela, but on the whole of America, 345 million people mind you, the only way is with a vast almost incomprehensible conspiracy, a cabal of global proportions, and a network that infests every facet of the sphere of our way of life, bought and paid for with the almost incalculable wealth transfer racket of the rapine and pillage of our great republic.

Alkl stands in this machine’s way is guys like us armed to the effin’ teeth and our compatriots, family friends neighbors and the like. Thats all thats left, Ain’t nobody else. We are the last line of defense. You me, all of us, regular good folks who just want to be left alone. Everyone else sold out. Took the ticket. Made their deal with Faust.

Thats what was plain as day to me when the panic-demic started with all the fancy bullshit, and folks asked me what I thought. You ain’t seen nothing yet. What else can you say. If somebody is asking that question they ain’t ready to believe there’s this thing, this beast that is incomprehensible to us because good folks do not do such things to other folks. It’s not in us that kind of evil, depravity that has no bottom. The reason why there’s this thing in the Bible about hellmouth and what its capale of and why you got to don the whole armor of God. Really, seriously, that stuff is there for this time that comes to us. Folks need Faith to see them thru, like that electricity that day in Richmond, that was Faith in why you stand and fight for what matters whats worth fightin’ for no matter the evil, because if we band of brothers don’t nobody will its that basic.

It’s like Horatius At The Bridge. Really. History has a circular feature to it. Forget that and get the dirt nap first.

joe · July 12, 2021 at 6:39 pm

my wife had vid dec 2019…now more is coming out about this crap being here as soon as august that year, maybe earlier…this is exactly where we let them take us…

    Beans · July 12, 2021 at 10:22 pm

    My wife had ‘not the flu’ in November 2019. That’s right after a lot of the ChiCom students at the local university had ‘long-term visits from many family members, all who went visiting the local hospitals and doctors.

    All saying that there was a sickness sweeping mainland China in September and October.

    All of this information was totally ignored, of course. Gee, seeing ChiComs coming here and all showing the same damned symptoms… Nothing to see here, move it along…

Papa · July 13, 2021 at 8:22 am

Congratulations to Orange Man for getting Warp Speed going, and to Joe for coining it.
Bipartisan door to door tyranny.

    Papa · July 13, 2021 at 8:23 am


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