So we have been told for the past thirty years that we don’t need guns, because the police are there to protect us. Now that the new Democrat platform is “get rid of cops,” does that mean that gun control is now a dead issue? If not, then how are they going to enforce it?

The basic purpose of government is that it protect the citizens from attack. If a government cannot protect its citizens from crime, then they will turn to whomever will provide that protection. In this case, BLM is claiming that they will be the ones protecting the public. Nice little protection racket.

This is directly from the insurgency guide: Replace the government as the protector of the people, and it is much easier to overthrow that government.

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TechieDude · June 9, 2020 at 2:37 pm

I love how they screech about "Black Genocide" over 10 or so unarmed blacks killed by police last year.

You get rid of the police, and eventually, we'll have our own Bosnia. Soon as they start acting out, uncontrolled, you're going to see ad hoc militias pop up and drive them away from the functioning neighborhoods.

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