Two months ago, police were called to the scene of a stabbing. When they got there, they found a 9 year old girl with facial fractures and multiple stab wounds. Other callers sent police to a nearby park, where they found a man covered in blood, who was acting erratically and armed with a bloody knife. When they attempted to talk with him, he charged the officers, who shot and killed him. 

The entire shooting was captured on multiple cell phone videos. 
There was an immediate outcry, claiming that the man who was shot- Jayshaun Hodge- was not the person who stabbed the girl. Now there is a protest group called “Justice for Jashaun” who are demanding that the police be punished.
This weekend, there was a protest where protesters blocked roadways with vehicles and human chains. They were also throwing smoke bombs into the road in an attempt to mask the roadblock from drivers. They appear to WANT to be hit by cars, so that they can generate sympathy for their cause once they get injured. 
They ignore the fact that it didn’t matter if Jayshaun was guilty of the stabbing or not. What mattered was that he charged the officers with a weapon in his hand. 
Of course, that isn’t the point. The point is that they get to destabilize the government even more. 
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