As many of you already know, the Great Florida Blogshoot was yesterday and it went off without a hitch. There was a large (for a blog meet) attendance of 19 people. The weather was great, and it was good to see people that I had never met before. Let’s see if I can do the list some justice. Of course the main people were there: Miguel of Gunfreezone, Borepatch, and Queen of the World. Then there were others including Ratus, Big Country, Sapper, and many others. Sgt Bob showed up with an M1 Garand that was in better condition than any other I have seen in awhile. If I overlooked anyone, my apologies and assurances that it isn’t intentional. I just wasn’t taking notes. 

It was a bit of a drive for me (two and a half hours each way), but it was a great day. 

I want to make a special mention of Kevin Creighton of Ammoman who produced a 500 round brick of CCI Lawman in 9mm for the shoot. The only thing he asked was that each of us mention his site and give him a link. His prices look good, he has ammo in stock, and I think I am going to be making a buy soon. 

Any time you get a group of gunnies together, you always see some interesting toys, great conversation, and a bit of showing off. If you weren’t there, you missed a good time. There was talk of doing another in February, so there is always another chance. 

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Miguel GFZ · November 15, 2020 at 6:32 pm

I had gun, the missus had fun and it was great to meet you and everybody!

We are down for the Feb Date

Ratus · November 15, 2020 at 8:08 pm

It was a blast and I'm also looking forward to the next one.

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