I teach classes on my days off at various health care facilities around the state of Florida. This brings me to quite a few of our states’ hospitals. When I entered Winnie Palmer hospital (part of Orlando Regional Medical Center), this is the sign that they have posted outside each of the entrance doors of the hospital:

If you look, they have made an attempt to make the sign appear to have the force of law by placing a statute number at the bottom of the sign. That particular statute is the guns in parking lots statute and has exactly nothing to do with carrying a weapon through the door.

Then, at a hospital in the Ocala/Gainesville area, there is this sign on the door:

The statute referred to here is the statute for trespassing and burglary. There is no provision in the law for conditional access. That is, a business is either open to the public, or it is not. There is no case law which allows a business to place conditions on the people who they allow to enter. In a business that is open to the public, a person must be personally asked to leave. This sign means nothing.

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