The following is from attorney Andrew Branca’s book, released this week:

There were 5.8 million murders, rapes, robberies, assaults, and sexual
assaults in the US in 2011. There were another 17.1 million burglaries
and thefts. That’s a crime of these types for every 13.5 people. In one
year alone.
This is why self defense is so important. It lies at the core of what it
means to be free. Protecting our futures and our families against evil
men is a fundamental human right. If you are anything like me, the
alternative—to live at the mercy of evil people—is simply unacceptable. I
will not.
We’ve all heard the phrase, “When seconds count the police are only
minutes away.” This is not a knock against the police. Many officers are
good friends of mine, and no police force can be everywhere.
Nevertheless, calling the police when in danger will almost never help.
The bottom line is criminals, like predators in nature, do not attack
when conditions favor their prey, when the sheepdog is alert beside the
sheep. Predators attack opportunistically when the prey is unprotected.
In other words, when the cops can’t respond fast enough.
Read the entire introduction at the link above, and then go ahead and buy it. I know I did.
I am not affiliated in any way with Mr Branca, and have nothing to gain from this review. If you order it before a verdict in the Zimmerman trial, you get 20% off. Also, NRA/IDPA members can also use coupon code LOSD2-NRA at check out for another 10% discount and free shipping.
Excellent book, and well worth the cost.
I am adding his blog to my reader.

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