Boots on the Ground

Biden is committing combat troops to Eastern Europe. No word on if this guy is one of them:

MEAL Team 6

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Now is the part where we dance.
The bestest WAR evarz yarns have grown stale and tiresome.
Protecting the crime family’s cookie jar is no aggrieved army and victory is not on the menu as the wheel of distraction spins.

Don’t forget he needs a rainbow strap on, too. This is the new fabulously flaming (and I don’t mean the exhaust on a fighter jet) USMIL we’re talking about here. Off they go into the mild pink yonder.

In addition to Meal Team Six we have the waifu wahmens of Regiment 355. The Spetnaz are shaking in their boots knowing they’ll be kicked thru walls by 95 pound American Feminazis.

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