A group of 50 teens attacks a man while he is on private property. The story makes some hay by pointing out that the teens were black. Let me start this by saying that I don’t care what color you are. If you attack me in a place where I have a right to be, Florida Law says that I have a right to protect myself, and meet force with force, and that law includes the use of deadly force, if that force is needed to protect me or my family from a threat of serious injury.

The only question here is whether or not a crowd of 50 teens are powerful enough to cause serious injury to a 39 year old male. (OK, a 40-something in my case) It would appear that it does, being that the victim in this case spent several days in the ICU as a result of the attack. As we all should be aware, head injuries can easily be fatal. Even though, in this case the injuries did not kill the victim, the only reason they did not is because they got tired of beating him and left.

The Brady Campaign opposes Florida’s law. It seems that after Florida’s law was enacted, the Brady Campaign placed billboards all over the state, and handed out flyers at the airport.

The Brady Campaign would rather see rampaging groups of teens roaming the countryside and beating up law abiding citizens, than see those same citizens defend themselves. According to them, a person is morally superior if he runs away, thus allowing a band of savages to beat his wife and children, rather than committing the unpardonable sin of defending himself.

Well, let me tell you: I ain’t goin’ out like that. You are perfectly safe from me and my weapons, unless you and 49 of your friends attack me in my neighbor’s yard, or the gas station. Likewise, avoid trying to rob me, or beat me with a tire iron. For if you bring violence, I will respond with lethal force, because I am not going to lie there and hope my life will be spared because you become bored with beating me.

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Rick · November 24, 2011 at 3:36 am

While I support gun control, i.e. keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous persons like John Hinckley Jr. I also support a person's right at the same time to protect themselves if their live is in danger or serious injury or death by bearing arms on that person and not simply because you get in an argument with someone and want to shoot them because of it.

The Brady Campaign's pamphlet is nothing more in my humble opinion then a dangerous scare tactic itself.

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