If you recall, I ordered some covert body armor from Bulletproof Everyone, and was promised a two week delivery date that turned into a month wait with no word on status. This past Friday, I finally got through to a man who claimed to be the owner. He assured me that my order would be shipped by Monday, and to make it up to me, he was going to ship my order to me by UPS 3 day. 

Well, it did ship on Monday. UPS ground. I will let you know what the product looks like when it gets here. Eventually. In case you are keeping track, I placed my order at the same time that I ordered some AR500 armor. The AR500 had an 8 week delivery time, the Bulletproof Everyone promised a 2 week delivery time. There is a good chance that the AR500 will be the first set here, as I just got word from them that my order will be here before the projected October 24 delivery date. 

It has been 33 days since placed my order. If I don’t have what I ordered within the next 12 days, there will be a dispute placed on the credit card charge. 

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