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But How Will They Fight the Right?

Just when you think that the left has reached peak stupid. Now Salon is claiming that we can stop gun violence worldwide by forcing the US military to no longer buy weapons. I wonder how the left thinks that the US military will be able to fight AR15 wielding gun owners if they are no longer allowed to have F15s and tanks?

3 replies on “But How Will They Fight the Right?”

The Taliban has 300,000 guns that they got for free last fall, courtesy of the best bankster abomination ruling against the will of the people gov in human history.

I assume their numbers are made up to support their positions. You can see this because they blame all of the estimated deaths in Yemen on the US, completely ignoring any other combatants or possible causes.
And oh yes, in many cases if the US didn’t take a side, the other side would kill even more…

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