A 21 year old meets with some “people known to him” for a meeting “involving firearms” and gets himself shot after an “altercation” develops. Let me put this into my media translator to see if I can decode this article:

A gang member met up with some fellow criminals in an attempt to buy a gun. The criminals tried to rob him, and he was shot in the process.

What do you know- I was wrong. The man who was shot is a convicted felon who was trying to get his firearm back from the 17 year old that he had “loaned” it to. He spent 18 months in prison for shooting someone in 2020, and as soon as he got out, he went right back to being a criminal piece of shit.

Court records show that since his release from prison in October 2022, Couso has been arrested multiple times for battery, battery domestic violence, battery causing bodily harm, failure to appear in court for a felony offense, and possession of marijuana.

Still, let’s demand more gun laws. That will fix things.

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