The Democrats call President Trump a dictator, but it is Orange County, Florida’s Democrat mayor who is is instituting a $15,000 fine for businesses who fail to enforce his orders. Florida law prohibits local officials from taking action against individuals for failing to follow CDC guidelines, so the mayor will instead fine businesses thousands of dollars for failing to enforce his unlawful orders. If a person fails to follow the orders of the mayor as relayed by the business, they can be arrested for trespassing. 

This is demanding that businesses enforce illegal orders. 

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Jonathan H · December 4, 2020 at 6:52 pm

Interesting… is this actually being enforced? Around here states have said that businesses could be closed for not enforcing mask orders and those who don't follow the orders can be arrested for trespassing, but I haven't heard of any closures or arrests actually happening, other than the one arrest in September at a high school football game in Ohio…
In West Virginia, the governor laid out penalties and fines… and walked them back 2 days later when his attorney general said they were illegal and that he would make sure they were not enforced.

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