A Sanford car dealership is offering a voucher for a free AK-47 type rifle for customers who buy a truck. Already there is PSH over the deal:

 Ginetta told me they’re doing this as a salute to veterans, but maybe they should have asked a guy next door at the VFW hall.  “Them guys next door that are giving away AK-47. I was shot 14 times by that rifle. It’s a hell of a rifle. Kills a lot of people. They’ve got no business giving those rifles away.”

What are the odds that the very rifle that shot you, a machine gun by legal definition, is the same one they are giving away? Not a chance. This is the semi-automatic copy of that particular rifle, you tool. Yes, because the rifle LOOKS like the one that an enemy combatant shot you with, it should be illegal.

In observance of that, I offer you the list of weapons that should be made illegal:

Walther PPK
The M1 Garand (The Germans called them the Selbstladegewehr 251(a))
The M1 Carbine ( (The Germans called them the Selbstladekarabiner 455(a))
The Colt Model 1903 was carried by some Japanese Officers
The Mosin Nagant
1917 Enfield (used by North Korea)
Springfield 1903 (used by N Korea)
Lee Enfield (N Korea)

Instead, I give Kudos to the dealer for supporting the Second Amendment. You could also note that the quote that is supposedly from the VFW hall is not attributed to a person, which in my mind likely means that the reporter made that quote up, especially considering that the VFW hall is not “next door,” the nearest one is over 5 miles away.

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CelticGirl · November 14, 2010 at 1:56 am

: )
Time to go truck shopping!!!!

online pharmacy reviews · November 15, 2010 at 1:52 am

It seems like the truck dealer is advertising that owning a truck comes with hazards that you need an AK-47 to deal with. Do truck owners regularly get robbed or something?

– Jessica Greer

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